Just a quick thought.

It seems to me patently bizarre to believe that people up and down the country switched to Green and LibDem because they want a quicker and/or harder Brexit. They could have voted UKIP where there was a candidate or spoiled their paper (as many did). Further, the swing to the Remain parties seemed effectively the same whether the area in question voted leave or remain. For some time my feeling has been that for many, probably most, people the anger at the political establishment, Conservative and Labour, leave and remain, is that they took a trivial back-of-mind issue, forced the country to take sides on it, denigrated those who dared to hold a different view, unleashed three years of chaos (with many more to come) in which massive issues like universal credit, housing and air quality have gone largely unattended, split friend from friend, unleashed some truly awful behaviours and have subsequently taken every opportunity to widen division. Of course there are some for whom this is about the EU as such but they are in the minority in my experience. The vote against the main parties was not primarily anger at what they intend to do or not do about Brexit, but what they have already done and the years of completely unnecessary pain yet to come.

And form my point of view the rise of the Independents was of course very exciting!